Katherine L. Potter
Wellness Transformed

Wellness Transformed

Katherine’s journey started with her own dark night of the soul, as she navigated the rocky shoals of having a suicidal teen and the dissolution of her marriage. Her path involved a deep dive into the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. Through her own healing, she has discovered and utilizes a combination of three modalities: RTT, WildFit Coaching and Tantra. Now she finds inspiration in being of service to her clients as she helps them achieve true lasting happiness and vitality.

Katherine is a skilled Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), specializing in sexuality and weight retention which frequently relates to childhood trauma or abuse.She is one of the only RTT therapists with a background in Western Medicine, and this gives her a great deal of insight in working with medical issues which are caused by the subconscious mind.

Katherine also Coaches the 90 Day WildFit Challenge which permanently transforms her client’s relationship with food.This life-changing program causes a pervasive shift in her client’s thought process, which transforms their eating patterns.As a result, her clients achieve freedom from toxic foods they previously consumed mindlessly.

Katherine facilitates The Sacred Art of Flirtation, a meetup group devoted to fostering connection through white and pink Tantra. She provides a safe space for consent, boundary setting, and experiential play in order to encourage nourishing human touch.

Katherine has a degree in Medicine from the University of Rochester School of Medicine. She also studied Wisdom of the Body, which is influenced by NVC and the 5 personality patterns.Katherine is a trained bodyworker with experience in a range of therapeutic modalities.

Katherine is a member of Quimera Tribe and was Ordained as a Priestess of Isis in 2017. She was trained by Anandha Ray in Shamanic Fusion Dance and Intuitive Technique.Katherine teaches dance whenever she has the opportunity and is an enthusiastic member of the Ecstatic Dance community.

Day-2 Testimonial 

"My RTT session with Katherine was wonderful! Her professionalism along with her openness allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. I was amazed at the beliefs that emerged and how long ago in my life that they were created. I run an intensive, weekly coaching group and receive coaching myself, and I was surprised at the things that came up during our session that I wasn’t even aware that I was hanging on to. The RTT session with Katherine allowed me the flexibility to follow the path of what was emerging before me and the security to say the uncomfortable things that were coming up. I feel a greater level of peace and awareness and release since our session. It was awesome, and Katherine was absolutely amazing!"

-Holly McMullin

Day-21 Testimonial

"A month later, I’m still seeing the benefits of my session with Katherine. The long term payoffs of my session have been a heightened awareness of beliefs that don’t align with where I’m headed in my life. I’m finding more personal power and confidence in my everyday life and decisions.I feel as if a powerful version of myself received permission to emerge and live the life I’ve been wanting. What a huge leap forward in my life."

-Holly McMullin